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    Lack of SMTP on our local network. Are there any free components that allow ASP to send mail (like cdonts) directly to an exchange box? Or is there code that can accomplish this?<BR><BR>Could someone point me in the right direction? (articles, web pages, etc would be a great help)<BR><BR>AL DAWG

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    You can actually do this directly using MAPI - have a look at for some tips. There are security considerations though - whenever I&#039ve tried to do anything like this I&#039ve been foiled by network configuration (but that was at an organisation who decided that their own intranet couldn&#039t be trusted by the rest of their network)<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Tried that. Got this :/<BR>Server object error &#039ASP 0196 : 80040154&#039 <BR><BR>Cannot launch out of process component <BR><BR>/mis/test/test.asp, line 16 <BR><BR>Only InProc server components should be used. If you want to use LocalServer components, you must set the AspAllowOutOfProcComponents metabase setting. Please consult the help file for important considerations. <BR>

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    set oSession = Server.CreateObject("MAPI.Session")<BR><BR>that&#0 39s the line the error is talking about.

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