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    Vijay Guest

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    hi all,<BR>i am getting following error msg in my asp scripts randomly. <BR><BR>error &#039ASP 0115&#039 <BR>Unexpected error <BR>/&#060;web name&#062;/&#060;asp file name&#062;.asp <BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.<BR><BR><BR>I cannot trace the exact location of the error. Do I need to reinstall IIS, or this error occures because of error in coding.<BR>please help<BR><BR>

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    jason Guest

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    if we can get a bit more information on what you&#039re trying to do in the script, we may bge able to help. as it is, we can&#039t tell if it&#039s code or an installation problem. i know i&#039ve had one or two (maybe more) of these before, and i&#039ve only had to re-install IIS once in the past year, so could be either

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    Hi there<BR>I&#039ve just recieved the same error message.<BR>I think it is due to an open record set slowly using memory whilst linking to an ODBC.<BR>If you have found anything else out can you please tell me <BR>

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