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    My company uses some sort of ORacle Database that I&#039m trying to access. Granted I&#039m new at ASP scripting, I think my code is a pretty standard loop that prints out the database into HTML. Sometimes, the table is queried very quickly but sometimes IE hangs when attempting to load the data. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions to either improve my code or tell me other possible reasons. i suspect it&#039s my current server configs. My site is running off of a coworkers server so that might also be another possible reason for the slow access. He&#039s noticed some recent problems since I&#039ve started work on the site. Hmm... Not really sure. i&#039ve also attempted the GetString Method call for the recordset. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    There are a million reasons why this could happen, the most probable being that you are working off your coworkers station. But, why not check out these articles. They have some good clues on things you can do to speed up database access:<BR><BR><BR><BR>good luck...

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