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    Rick Church Guest

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    We are switching over to asp but have a lot of perl scripts formally run through cgi which were included into the shtml main page as in: <!--#exec cgi="blah/blach/"--> We have not been able to figure out how to get those existing perl scripts to run in our asp pages. The #exec directive is of course out. Is there a way to run the perl scripts in the asp environment? BTW - These are not PerlScript but plain old perl.

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    SPG Guest

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    Given that you&#039re not saying otherwise, I&#039m assuming you&#039re on a Win32 system.<BR><BR>Well, there are of course Server-Side Execution components (I used to have one from ServerObjects that worked great) assuming that the server.exeucte function is either unavailable or simply not functional.<BR><BR>However, what I would recommend is that you lift their functionality. ActiveState&#039s Perl Development Kit has a PerlCtrl script which will turn a Perl script into a COM .dll (after some extensive POD [Particularly Overtly Dull]editing -- though you can&#039t return non-basic data as near as I can tell, sorry). Then you&#039ve got fast & portable COM code -as well as- the good ol&#039 fashioned Perl versions. Life doesn&#039t get much better from my pov.

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