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    I have a table calle "Table", in that table there is a column called "Picture". And there is a page called "ThePage". On ThePage i want to show the Picture. I tried with this:<BR><BR>&#060;img scr=&#060;%= RS("Picture")%&#062; width="120" height="110" border="1"&#062;<BR><BR>Bu i doesn&#039t work! Please help!

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    First, try a little debugging...<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>response.write "This is what is in the record : " & rs("picture")<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Hopefully this should return something like this...<BR><BR>images/mypic.jpg<BR><BR>If it does then try putting this there...<BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%= RS("Picture")%&#062;" width="120" height="110" border="1"&#062;<BR><BR>(a couple of changes from what you submitted).<BR><BR>If this still doesn&#039t work then on the page right click on the picture frame (where the image should appear but doesn&#039t) and go to properties.<BR><BR>Windows will show you the full path to where the image should be.<BR>Make sure that you have the relative paths correct! (this is a very common mistake).<BR><BR>If you still have no luck send me a link to the page.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>James Andrews (

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