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    I want users to enter their e-mail & password before they can access information on my site. The user will be presented with a form to create his/her own password and enter name address occupation etc. this info will then be stored in an SQL Server database for validation purposes the next time they logon. They can only logon if they are registered users.<BR><BR>Can someone show me how to code this in asp ?

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    create a recordset <BR>use a select statement to validate username and password <BR>sql = "Select * from usermaster where username like &#039" & request.form("userid") & "&#039 and password like &#039" & request.form("password") & "&#039" <BR><BR>what this will do is it will search your membermaster table and then either return you the persons entire details or it will become end of file by which it will signify that there is no user by this username<BR><BR>To check that also u have to use this in conjugation with<BR><BR>If recorndsetname.EOF = True Then<BR> Response.Write("There is no user by this name or Password was incorrect")<BR><BR>Else <BR> Response.Write("Welcome to xyz site " & recorndsetname("Username")")<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR>Enjoy <BR>mail me if you have any problems <BR>

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