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    I have the following statement.<BR>SQL = SQL & " WHERE Designation LIKE &#039%" & Request.Form("space") & "%&#039".<BR><BR>This gives me the partial search,Since it has the word LIKE.I was told to replace "=" in place of LIKE. But it doesn&#039t work.It gives me the error So guide me to place the "=" sign properly in the statement so that ,when I search it returns exact matches of the word.(i.e) for engineer it returns me the results.<BR>for engine it returns me the same matches.This should not happen.

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    I avoid this problem by using 2 radio buttons on the search form, one for the contains statement that you&#039re using, and another for partial or full match (the equals statement). I have 2 sql statements (chosen based on the radio button choice.). Hope this helps.

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