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    daniel prager Guest

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    hi all-<BR><BR>i&#039m using ASP/ADO to create a web interface for a survey whose results are stored in a ms access database. the database has about 30 tables with 72 records and scores of fields per table. i am trying to devise a query in access to look at a table which stores dates (in 1/1/00 12:00:00 P.M. format) and select many fields for each record, analyze these fields and write to another field in a different table. i could take extract all these fields using ADO, use VBScript to analyze and then use ADO again to update the tables. but that&#039s _extremely slow_ and i believe that this can be done in access. i know how to get aggregate information for many records and one field (using the DCount,DSum etc. functions) but not many fields and one record. <BR><BR>perhaps an update query could be used? <BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated,<BR>thanks,<BR>daniel<BR>dlprager@stud

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    Rob Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Stop using MS Access. I can see this project out growing<BR>MS Access fast. Plus MS Access is slower.<BR><BR>Miscrosoft access does have a way through the QUERY view in MS Access to establish queries that mimic SQL stored procedures.<BR>But I am not sure how. I do not use acccess.<BR>I know some people were talking about it on this list in the last month.<BR><BR><BR>

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