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    baument Guest

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    Need a hand. User hits submit button, data gets sent to access mdb (that&#039s how it works now) and also a call is made to a function to generate email using ASPMail. Have been trying to get onsubmit() to work but so far no luck.<BR>Any ideas?<BR>Thanks

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    jason Guest

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    easy. you&#039re using an asp page to go to the database, just append the email function on the end of that page. don&#039t do it client side with onSubmit(), that&#039d require ASPMail being installed on the user&#039s computer.<BR><BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    You can call the function easily if you would rather.<BR>But call it in ASP, not client side<BR><BR>Function mailIt()<BR>&#060;mail script&#062;<BR>End Function<BR><BR>&#060;SQL = INSERT INTO &#062;<BR>DataConn.execute(SQL)<BR><BR>call mailIt<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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