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    Krioyo Guest

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    Does exists any component to detect all the computers on a LAN and retrieve their configuration (Processor, RAM, Video) ?<BR><BR>In case that it doesn´t exist, how should I develop such ActiveX?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    jason Guest

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    sounds tricky. some of that information probably won&#039t be available to you by this method<BR><BR>Using VB/COM - you could in theory write a small .exe whcih will get some information via ADSI, or you could use windows script host/ADSI to do so. <BR><BR>the best reference is, i think - don&#039t quote me on that URL. more info at microsoft site.<BR><BR>jason

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    this sounds like more of a network administration question to be honest... Microsoft already built software to do what you are trying to do - the package is SMS (Server Management System) - SMS is rather powerful and provides many other services outside of config detection

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