I don't want to sound like a moron but....

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Thread: I don't want to sound like a moron but....

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    mpack Guest

    Default I don't want to sound like a moron but....

    What does three tier mean??

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    Pedantic Bill? Guest

    Default RE: I don't want to sound like a moron but....

    Three tier, applied to computers and ASP, et al., simply means Client, Middleware, Server.<BR><BR>ASP is, in a way, inherently three tier. The client is the user and his/her browser. The server is the database engine, used in the bulk of ASP apps, which may or may not be located on a completely different machine than where ASP is running. ASP, then, provides the "connection" between the client and the server and can, for example, provide "business logic" or other "middleware" functionality.<BR><BR>Some might argue that a lot of ASP usage doesn&#039t qualify as three-tier, because no *real* computing is done on the client. There can be a lot of truth in this viewpoint, if the client "screen" is bare-bones HTML. The system becomes not a lot different from the old days (ha! still in use through corporate America!) of IBM 3270 "screen scraper" display terminals and mainframe-based applications that did all the real work.<BR><BR>However, not all ASP-based apps are built this way. For example, if the client shows a table and lets the user sort the table in various ways (without a roundtrip back to ASP) or calculate various aggregates in the table, then I would definitely say that true client-based computing is taking place. Presuming that the ASP code is doing a bit more than just serving up DB info (that is, presuming that it, too, actually is doing some "work"), then I think we can call such a system "three tier".<BR><BR>Ehhh...but let the purists fight about it. All you really care about is that you are using ASP to connect a browser to a database, and if you are the one doing all the work, then indeed you are working on three levels of the system.<BR><BR>

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    mpack Guest

    Default Wow, thanks!

    I am about to go job hunting and I keep reading want ads and resumes that talk about Three Tier experience and wondered if I missed something. Thanks again.

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    Be careful. Many of these ads won&#039t state--but might imply--that they are looking for those who have experience where at least two of the tiers are coupled via some remote call mechanism. That is, CORBA or DCOM or perhaps Java&#039s RMI. In those systems, the use of ODBC by ASP likely doesn&#039t qualify as "remote" enough. <BR><BR>If an ad doesn&#039t state otherwise, and if it is looking for generalized multi-tier experience, then I&#039d assume they want CORBA experience. But maybe not. It can&#039t hurt to apply and/or ask.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>

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