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    I&#039ve been experimenting on the ever busy ewebcity servers and recently started to try and make a basic messageboard. it&#039s working pretty great except for the fact that it posts upside down from how this messageboard posts (new at the bottom)<BR> I&#039m pretty sure there&#039s a way to reverse the recordsets that it gets back so if anyone knows how to do this (I know you know Bill) I would really appreciate it.<BR><BR>also..if anyone wants to make me feel can check it out at (if the servers not too busy)<BR>feel free to post what you wish...any suggesstions would be appreciated<BR><BR>thanks

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    SPG Guest

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    select ... order by timePosted DESC

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    SPG&#039s suggestion is a start in the right direction but, as I discovered when playing with my own design, not the full answer.<BR><BR>The problem:<BR><BR>If you display threads, and if you order the threads by the timestamp on the HEAD of the thread, then they will never get re-ordered because of a message posted into the thread.<BR><BR>So what this means is that, when you post a reply to a message, you need to find the HEAD of the thread and *also* change a field in its record. This field should be *in addition* to the "when posted" timestamp. Now if you sort the threads based on "timeLastPostedTo DESC" you will get what you want. <BR><BR>I haven&#039t actually done this with my own, yet, but it should work.<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR><BR>

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