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    could someone explain how a clientside cursor works and what it does? does all the data from the recordset get sent to the client machine?if so could it be stored locallyon the client HD? or is it held in client memory(ram)? or is it saved on the server and only the &#039cursor&#039 is run on the client?...<BR>i dont understand!<BR><BR>cheers<BR>dave

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    Hi Dave,<BR><BR>I am no ADO or COM god or anything, but basically your suspicions are correct as I see it. A client cursor means that any operations taking place to the recordset occur on the client (which is the webserver in case of the standard ASP/ADO use case). ADO defines a number of cursors (4) that the client can use programatically.<BR><BR>The recordset lives in the memory or swap file of the client as the operations occur and hopefully it rids itself of the recordset as soon as the operations are complete to free its system resources.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Richard

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