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    Ryan S. Guest

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    I have been receiving this error on random occasions. <BR>error &#039ASP 0115&#039 <BR><BR>Unexpected error <BR><BR>/&#060;web name&#062;/&#060;asp file name&#062;.asp <BR><BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.<BR><BR>Has anyone run into this error, and what did you do to correct the problem?

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    SPG Guest

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    There&#039s a very good chance that you&#039re doing damage to a COM object you&#039re using -- probably by giving it a variable it didn&#039t expect. Tracking down which one is a matter of scrawling notes (response.write "this line ok!<BR>"&vbCrLf) so you can figure out where the error is actually occurring.<BR><BR>You may also need to set response.buffer = false to ensure that you can get your notes out of the system...<BR><BR>Welcome to the wonderful &#060;sic&#062; world of validation.

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    vijay Guest

    Default Hi(SPG)ASP 0115 Error - Occurs Randomly

    I am also facing the same problem. i as using command object for a select query & i am getting the required input parameter other forms, sometime by Request.Form("...") & somwtime by request.queryString("...")<BR><BR>this may appear strnge but my project requires that i display the said form sometimes by posting & sometines by hyperlink(querystring)<BR><BR>please suggest as how to debug<BR>

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    wejo Guest

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    just wanted to say thanks to the last post... that really saved my hide...

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    Default RE: Hi(SPG)ASP 0115 Error - Occurs Randomly

    This is a nifty little trick I came up with for working with input from either a POSTed form or a QueryString:<BR><BR>1. Parse your input in a function or sub like this:<BR>Sub parseInput(objColl)<BR>**strVar1 = objColl("Value1")<BR>**strVar2 = objColl("Value2")<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>2. Call the above sub like this:<BR>If Request.QueryString = "" Then<BR>**Call parseInput(Request.QueryString)<BR>Else<BR>**Cal l parseInput(Request.Form)<BR>End If<BR><BR>A really handy trick for debugging is to include the following in your input parser:<BR>For each Item in objColl<BR>**Response.Write(Item & ": " & objColl(Item) & "&lt;br&gt;" & vbCLRF)<BR>Next<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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