URGENT: Listing Access Table freezes website after

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Thread: URGENT: Listing Access Table freezes website after

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    Default URGENT: Listing Access Table freezes website after

    The Below code would access a Access97 Database using a system DSN (DSN-less has same problem), The page is displayed fine on first time the page is viewed but if I hit Refresh then the website locks up (just hour glass) the server processor goes to 55% usage and if we try and delete the website from MMC then MMC locks up as soon as we click on the website properties. The only way to get out of this problem is to reboot the server.<BR><BR>Even shutting down iisadmin from cmd.exe fails.<BR><BR>I have found that some older website are still running access 97 databases using ADO without problems but all new created sites do have this same problem.<BR><BR>Have reinstalled Service Pack 6 (didn&#039t help)<BR>Tried to regsvr32 asp.dll (failed)<BR><BR>Anybody who can offer help gets a pint of your favourite drink, make that 10 pints :)<BR><BR>&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062;< BR>&#060;%response.expires=0%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;H TML&#062;<BR>&#060;BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim rs_search, Query, Connect<BR>Set Connect = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Connect .Open "formindex" &#039 System DSN<BR>Query = "SELECT * FROM companies"<BR><BR>Set rs_search = Connect.Execute(Query)<BR><BR>do until rs_search.EOF<BR> Response.Write( rs_search("co_name") & "<BR>" )<BR> rs_search.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR>Connect.Close<BR><BR >set rs_search=nothing<BR>set connect=nothing<BR>response.flush<BR><BR><BR>%&#06 2;<BR>&#060;/BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;/HTML&#062;<BR>

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    Default This wont help but..

    If its any help, Ive had this problem, it was something to do with how it had been setup, and nothing to do with the code at all. Basically it was keeping the database open even though the code closed it. It stopping anyone else from then accessing it as it was locked. However, I don&#039t know what the people did to it to fix it, as it wasn&#039t my server. <BR>Sorry this doesnt help :-( <BR>

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