What is SSI (Server Side Includes) ?

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Thread: What is SSI (Server Side Includes) ?

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    Default What is SSI (Server Side Includes) ?

    What is the server side includes

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    Server Side includes call one page from within another asp page at the point that they are written in at. e.g. suppose at the top of every page of your site you wanted to have a standard navigation bar or menu. Rather than wirtinmg this code into every page you can create a page with just this navigation bar feature in it and call it from every page by inserting the server side include code: &#060;!-- #include file="navbar.inc" --&#062; <BR>you can include or you can have &#060;!-- #include virtual="navbar.inc"--&#062; depending on how you wish to link to it.<BR>most people use the .inc file extension for their include files but you can use .asp or .html as well.

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