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    Hi all,<BR>has anybody an idea how to organize the messages and replies on a message board? Important would be that every reply is locted below the message/reply it refers to?<BR>like that:<BR>-message1<BR> - reply1<BR> - reply1_reply<BR> - reply2<BR> - reply2_1<BR> - reply2_2<BR><BR>and so on..<BR><BR>Thaks alot in advance<BR>always yours<BR>The Brain

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    fl1rt Guest

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    you need to use a recursive function.<BR><BR> has the basic structure for what you need to learn from but I&#039d suggest that you consider the enormity of the task ahead if you&#039re already struggling.<BR><BR>a message board system is quite hard to develop from scratch but then with a handle like "The Brain", you should be okay.

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    Go back and read all the messages on this topic in the last month or so on this and related boards.<BR><BR>This is discussed *all* the time. Most of the implementations are crappy, but they work. <BR><BR>Heck, look at this board. It works, but it is SLLLOOOOOWWWWW and very clumsy. But it works.<BR><BR>

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