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    Does anyone know a good book for SQL Server 7. I know alot about Access and how it works on both the developer and server side. But I need a book to take me through how to use SQL Server from start to finish. I love the WROX book, do they have a good one? <BR>Thanks<BR>Dean

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    Interestingly enough, the SQL Server 7 for Dummies book is good for an introduction (SQL Server is much more involved than Access). Then when you have the basics down, you can go for a more in-depth book, such a the publisher&#039s that put out the ASP Developer&#039s Guide...can&#039t recall it off the top of my head. I think it may be a little overwhelming if you get a book that assumes you have a foundation in SQL Server.<BR>Good luck.

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    Check out my book at: It has several projects that show you how to use SQL Server 7.

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