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    Jason Guest

    Default JScript and Request.Querystring()

    Request.Querystring doesn&#039t appear to be returning validly for some reason. I need a string, but it returns an object, and calling toString() on it doesn&#039t work. I can&#039t find reference to this anywhere.<BR><BR>It&#039s a plain text search engine script - split() is required to parse multiple keywords, and for that, you need a string object.<BR><BR>anybody got any ideas? (&#039write it in vbscript&#039 would not be useful!)<BR><BR>jason

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    Ed Guest

    Default RE: JScript and Request.Querystring()

    Show us those code snippets that are causing problems.

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    Jason Guest

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    Response.Write(Request.Querystring("crit"))<BR>var k = Request.Querystring("crit")<BR>var key = k.toString()<BR>key = key.toLowerCase()<BR>keyword = key.split(" ")<BR><BR>it&#039s getting fragmented cause i&#039ve been trying to track the problem down.<BR><BR>the response.write() gives the right value on the page, but return this error when i toString() it with the intention of splitting it.<BR><BR>Object Doesn&#039t Support this property or method<BR><BR>when i typeOf() it, it returns &#039Object&#039, which is wierd, because in VBScript it seems to behave itself. It&#039s compounded by the fact that it&#039s running on IIS4.0 and my dev machine is IIS5.0 (though i&#039m not using iis5.0 specific features.)<BR><BR>try this page<BR><BR>http://infinitemonkeys.atrax.co.uk/dynamic-search.asp?crit=test<BR><BR>it&#039ll bounce back into a frame, so don&#039t panic.<BR><BR>Seems like a really elementary problem, which is embarrasing as i write and ASP site. Oh Well.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Just an idea: try using .valueOf() rather than .toString() - makes you wonder though, since toString() is defined in Object and should be inherited by everything in JScript...<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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    jason Guest

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    tried it, still didn&#039t work. even tried doing valueOf(), then toString() wierd.

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