Hey, I need your advice. I can get asp scripts to work on .htm WITHOUT chilisoft. (Though we ordered it as it&#039s fantabulous) :D<BR><BR>What I mean is, if you are broke, or lazy, but want to pull info from a db on your geocities, I am considering offering &#039hosting&#039 where I have the db/script on our server, and any .htm guy can access it.<BR><BR>My question. Is this of value? Or is it a waste of time? I ask as you are professionals a lot of you and your input is appreciated.<BR><BR>Might seem like a silly idea, but if you are on geocities, for god knows why, or ANY non nt platform, and you are stuck, but you MUST pull records from a db, this can work...it&#039s not that hard, you may know it already. Hence, is it worth persuing to get it to do admin panels, score tests, and what not? Or just move on...<BR><BR>Thanks for your time. If it&#039s of value, I guess I can show a demo or what not. I hope this is appropriate, you know, a post that is NOT a cry for help now or I&#039ll die..kind a thing...<BR><BR>Have a good one