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    Michelle Le Guest

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    Hi Everyone;<BR>I am trying to learn asp from the scratch. I need helps. I created a form with last name, first name, submit, reset button. How do I get it to write the data the a text file.<BR><BR>Michelle

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    fifthermurf Guest

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    After you grab your Request.Form or Request.QueryString (POST and GET methods respectively) and store them in variables/array. Then use the FileSystemObject that is a part of JScript/VBScript. The FileSystemObject contains methods to create text file on IIS4.0 server and write, read, append to. I highly suggest you check out there is whole bunch of reference material on the FileSystemObject. <BR><BR>using JScript ===<BR>var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");<BR>va r fil = fso.CreateTextFile(**path+filename on the server**);<BR>//setup a loop to cruise through the arrays or variables from <BR>//the Request.Form or Request.QueryString collections<BR>fil.Writeline(**variables**);<BR>--loop--<BR>fil.Close();<BR><BR>the FileSystemObject ActiveX object is inherent with IIS. <BR><BR>Happy Coding<BR>

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