Well, here&#039s my problem. My admin for numbera.com is an idiot, and he&#039s taken away a good amount of ASP functionality because there are "security holes"... for example the FileSystemObject allows manipulation of any file on the system if the server isn&#039t set correctly... it also allows me to read text files into my scripts, which I need. Likewise with Mail, and custom COM components. However, I know that at least in UNIX, you can restrict the scripts from each person&#039s account from touching anything that person dosen&#039t own, and same with mail, etc. Can this be done with IIS? How can i tell him to change the server settings so it will be OK for him to allow me to install my own components, send mail, and install my own components? Right now he&#039s not so much worried about me screwing up the server as allowing other people access to the scripts, but I think if permissions were limited to each user&#039s dirctory things would be safe... any help would be appreciated.