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    fifthermurf` Guest

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    I wrote a little javascript DHTML/DOM menu that resides at the top of the screen I want to let this menu over lap a frame that will serve as the target for the menu choices. Tried using <IFRAME> and as the menu expands. It disappears behind the IFRAME. Is there a way to do this? Seems like I should be able to make an IFRAME a sort of child of the main window? Kinda like using a zIndex. Anybody?

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    jason Guest

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    can&#039t do it with frames. you can do it in IE by using an ActiveX control instead of DHTML, then the activeX goes outside the window (see msnbc&#039s menu thingy). The IFRAME element in IE is ActiveX based, so sits above the actual page, everything else passes behind it (try it with an .asf movie in media player embed, does the same thing). do you need the IFRAME there? that&#039s about the only solution, getting rid of it, i mean.<BR><BR>i had this trouble with a dHTML script ages ago, the IFrame inside a div didn&#039t respond to the zIndex, so i changed it.<BR><BR>jason<BR>

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