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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am hosting most of my asp pages on my personal computer. So, the site is down when my computer is off. Is there any way of determining the site status? I have a main page (hosted with a webhost) which has links to the asp pages on my server. I want to redirect the visitor to some other page if my server is offline. Can I do that?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Kaustubh

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    I&#039ll show you just 2 ways of doing this.<BR><BR>1) the simpliest!<BR>why don&#039t you configure a simple file with a 0/1 attribute?<BR>1 for online, 0 for offline<BR><BR>include this file in all pages and check against the state and redirect or do whatever you need to do.<BR>when you come online click a link that you&#039ve previously set-up that set&#039s the value to 1 and vice versa for going offline. Don&#039t let anyone know where this URL is hidden online (you could password protect it, which is what I do for any admin override features, just in case some flukey bugger guesses the URL which is highly unlikely)<BR><BR>2) The hard smart way.<BR>Get your online site to inspect your personal computer using a componant like ASP HTTP and if the page is valid - you&#039re online!<BR>I&#039d go for option 1 if I was you.<BR><BR><BR>

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