I&#039ve got Index Server indexing a remote document repository via a virtual share. It does this and queries quite heppily. All the documents are Office in nature and the whole shebang works on an NT 4 Server platform under IIS 4 with NT Option Pack 4.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the problem - each of these documents contains a generic set of custom OLE document properties called reportdate, node, and listorder. Although they show up when I view them in the Index Server. <BR><BR> (N.B. I know the properties are not cached nor have a data type in this picture but I have tried combinations of values including string (VT_STR and VT_LPWSTR), date (VT_DATE) and various integer values according to the field in the index (node, reportdate, and listorder, respectively). None of these have worked.<BR><BR>...they do not appear when I try and define the items as columns in my ASP script that uses the ixsso object, e.g. where Q is this reference ...<BR><BR>set Q = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")<BR><BR>Q.Define Column "reportdate (VT_FILETIME) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 reportdate"<BR>&#039Q.DefineColumn "testa (DBTYPE_WSTR) = d5cdd505-2e9c-101b-9397-08002b2cf9ae testa"<BR>Q.DefineColumn "listorder (DBTYPE_I4) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 listorder"<BR>Q.DefineColumn "node (DBTYPE_STR) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 node"<BR><BR><BR>...and concludes by adding this lot ...<BR><BR>Q.Query = TheQuery<BR> Q.SortBy = SortBy<BR> restrictScope = False<BR><BR>&#039D_THOMAS: <BR> if Scope &#060;&#062; "/" then<BR> set Util = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Util")<BR> Util.AddScopeToQuery Q, Scope, "DEEP"<BR> set Util = nothing<BR> end if<BR> <BR> Q.CATALOG= mid(Scope,2,len(Scope) - 1) <BR> <BR>&#039)D_THOMAS: 11/5/2000 <BR> if (ColSet = 1) then<BR> Q.Columns = "DocTitle, vpath, path, filename, size, write, characterization, rank, reportdate, listorder, node" <BR> RecordsPerPage = 10<BR> <BR> elseif (ColSet = 2) then<BR> Q.Columns = "vpath, path, ReportDate, ListOrder, Node"<BR> RecordsPerPage = 200<BR> <BR> elseif (ColSet = 3) then<BR> Q.Columns = "filename, vpath, size, write, ReportDate, ListOrder, Node"<BR> RecordsPerPage = 25<BR> end if<BR><BR> set RS = Q.CreateRecordSet("nonsequential")<BR> <BR>.................where Q.Columns reference the freshly defined columns, Q.Query accepts parameters passed in that comprise the query,<BR> and RS is the resulting recordset that displays the <BR><BR>SO: what else did I try...<BR><BR>(1) Rescanning the properties using the Index Server Manager on directory<BR>(2) Changing the properties but as you can see all that happened is I got two properties listed instead of one<BR>(3) Trying to acquire a completely different property freshly created with a neutral string values (if there are no string values showing in the picture<BR>it means it didn&#039t work).<BR><BR>What next ...<BR>* ref: article: <BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q198/5/86.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0 <BR>(I will try and force the property values to be recognised by the server by holding them in the registry).<BR><BR>Item (2) further compounds my problem because I don&#039t know why it retains the previous property value.<BR><BR>So....<BR><BR>if anyone has come across this problem or fancies helping me out with it, please feel free to offload ideas, hints, or suggestions.