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    I have an application which has an opening page.<BR>From this page I want a user to press a link to register.<BR>When they press this link it opens a new window allowing them to enter their details.<BR>When they press OK their details are submitted to the database by using another asp.<BR><BR>And now the tricky bit.<BR>I want the Details window to close so the user will return to the initial page with a message shown on the web page telling the user that they have successfully registered their details.<BR><BR>How can I do this ????<BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate any help ....<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Erica

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    Sounds like it should be doable, but you are probably going to have to look on a site with more of a focus on Javascript. Closing the window is something that will have to happen on the client side. If I were you I would try to set it up so that the page that the information was submitted to would re-submit the information to you main window (allowing it to refresh and display updated information) and then have an "on open" or "on load" javascript event fire to close the window. I&#039m not totally up on the syntax or compatibility between browsers on this so like I said, better check a site geared towards that area. Maybe you&#039ll get lucky and one of the other posters here will be a javascript expert. =)

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