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    drewm Guest

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    Hey---<BR><BR>Does anyone know of any articles or white papers that describe the pros vs cons or just using ASP, and using ASP with COM components?<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to convince my boss of letting me take a project the COM route, but I need some ammo to help me convince him of the benefits.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Drew

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    Matt Flynn Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Microsoft articles on how to improve ASP performance...<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Not the best, but at least something.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Huh? ASP *always* uses COM components. What do you think that the Request, Response, ADODB.RecordSet, Scripting.FileSystemObject, etc., etc., all are???<BR><BR>Even the languages--VBScript and JScript--are COM components that are invoked by the ASP "engine".<BR><BR>I might point out that, except for the "builtin" components, the only way to use components in ASP is to use Automation, meaning that your components thus must actually be ActiveX components (that&#039s where the "A" in "ASP" comes from, I think).<BR><BR>So what are you *really* asking? Are you asking if it is worthwhile to create custom ActiveX components in VBScript or (much better) C++ and then invoke those components from one of the scripting languages in ASP?<BR><BR>If so, then the answer is the same one that 90% of all computer questions get: It depends.<BR><BR>There *is* an overhead in invoking ActiveX components from any language. In ASP, from the scripting languages, it is a noticable overhead. So if you will create a custom component, it should really *do* something. If you need 10 lines of Visual Basic code to implement the functionality you want to call, you might want to seriously consider doing the code in the scripting languages. If, on the other hand, you&#039ll execute a half million C++ statements before returning a result to ASP a no brainer! Go with the component!<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>It depends.<BR><BR>

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    As Bill stated... it does depend, however considering the business agrument: If security is a large concern then reducing the amount of ASP code and increasing the amount of hidden COM code is definately a plus for persuing the COM route. If you want to build a scaleable application without having to throw expensive hardware *and* software in the form of a webfarm in if your site gets busy, then using DCOM (carefully) is another argument for using COM.<BR><BR>Justin

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    SPG Guest

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    Here&#039s some assorted ammo...<BR><BR>Anybody can write bad code in any language. If you write bad VB but fabulous VBScript, you&#039ll probably do better with the VBScript/ASP. (Duh.)<BR><BR>The catch is that IIS 3 and 4 (and maybe 5, I haven&#039t checked) aren&#039t very good about cacheing bytecode. This means that every time they go to run an ASP they have to recompile it. Which means that they&#039re introducing latency in the user experience, increasing with the complexity of the page with the big and content-formatting intensive pages having massive latency. (This is why Windows Script Classes were introduced -- they only recompile if they&#039ve been modified.)<BR><BR>Compare this to a COM(+) object, which has a single compile (hopefully on a development box) before being added to the odd mis-mash of other components on the server.<BR><BR>Of course you know about the security issues -- while there are quite possibly an infinite number of ways to get into any not-specifically-secured IIS machine&#039s ASP source files, attackers have a heck of a time getting your source code from your machine... -- so I won&#039t go over them further.<BR><BR>However, the other thing you may want to consider is the "Plays well with others" aspect of things... Have you ever tried passing an array from a VBScript up to a COM object, even just a VB COM object? It doesn&#039t work easily... Or how about making functions which can do a lot of things but don&#039t have to because they have optional values with default settings? VBScript gives you no such method, thus forcing you to make ridiculous and roundabout ways of getting to simple algorithms.<BR><BR>getting overdramatic:<BR>When it comes right down to it, VB Script is just that -- a script. COM objects, however, are productions. Now, are you going to be giving the world a script or a production?<BR><BR>Besides, if you&#039re the coder (and your manager/boss isn&#039t) and you&#039d rather be building COM objects, then your manager shouldn&#039t be standing in your way. The manager is there to 1) Get objectives accomplished by 2) Making the labor force get them done. Now, if you -- labor force -- are having to waste your time explaining why this-path-to-goal is better than that-path-to-goal to a manager -- who shouldn&#039t care -- then the manager isn&#039t doing their job of delegating to you.

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