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    Dear friend.<BR><BR>I am using more than five to six frames in a page, I am<BR>having submit button in first frame page, while<BR>saving a record to the database I need to grab all the<BR>control values in rest of the frames. I tried with <BR>javascript it works but it is more confusing. <BR><BR>In my mind I thought using session variable to<BR>grab all the values and I am working out on that<BR>if you have better idea please suggest me.<BR><BR>If you have any idea please help me out.<BR><BR>with regards<BR>venki.

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    Default Unless I am missing something...

    Why not just have the db connection in the other frames, and then show the recordsets from the db.<BR><BR>Frame 1...send info<BR><BR>Frame 2-6...Pull THAT info from the db...<BR><BR>So, frame 2<BR><BR>For example, only, this is PSEUDO code to get the idea accross...<BR><BR>(Assume you want frame 2 to pull name, frame 3 budget, frame 4, email)<BR><BR>Frame 2<BR><BR>db connection<BR>Dim name<BR>name=rs(name)<BR><BR>Response.Write("Hello , your name is" & name & ".")<BR><BR>Frame 3 Same thing but for the budget<BR><BR>Frame 4, same but for email.<BR><BR>The point is, they all point to that db, but pull the record when needed.<BR><BR>The idea is the db connection, declar variable, set it&#039s value to recordset of choice, and display it.<BR><BR>If you need the code, I can help or other&#039s can not the frames I am focusing on, it&#039s the logic of pulling from a db.<BR><BR>Is that what you want? This can avoid confusion for you. Sessions can be a pain in the you know what...until you upsize to sql 7.0 and have large traffic, use access db and this can work...<BR><BR>Hope this helps somewhat...let me know if you need more help.<BR><BR>Joel

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    Dear JoelH<BR><BR>Nice to see your reply, if you have sample codings<BR>forward to this maild<BR><BR>Thanking you<BR><BR>with regards<BR>venki.

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