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    Grub Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>what is the standard way to set up SMTP outgoing security?<BR><BR>Right now I have it working, but with my own personal username and password, so obviously this solution is temporary.<BR><BR>DO most people create a new NT account? Or do you use the IUSER_COMPUTER account? If you use that account then you also must specify a password and i don&#039t want to affect its auto-synch password settings. Maybe someone could tell me what THEY&#039ve done or some URLs with some good info? THanks<BR><BR>

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    Nancy J. Anderson Guest

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    We don&#039t use security on the SMTP Intranet stuff, but for external sites I have created NT accounts for users. Obviously only works for small groups. <BR><BR>On a different site we have a small SQL server security database. Could you just verify users external to the SMTP process and then send the email? <BR><BR>Just random thoughts. <BR>nancy<BR>

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    grub Guest

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    You know the "outbound security" button on the "Delivery" sheet of Default SMTP properties? What do you set in there? It would be the same account used no matter who accesses the web site.<BR><BR>Anonymous fails and i bet it is becuase of settings on the exchange server, but I assume it would not be optimal to allow anonymous connections to send SMTP mail to exchange?<BR><BR>What is the recommeneded approach here?<BR><BR>My site in question will be fully public. And I am just using CDONTS to create and send an email internally based on input from an online form.<BR><BR>Thank you for your response Nancy but it&#039s not the answer I&#039m looking for. I hope my question is more clear this time.<BR><BR>Grub

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