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    Hello Friends,<BR><BR>I am new ASP Web Page developer. <BR><BR>I am using an activeX control in an ASP page. It works fine <BR>in IE 4.0. i.e. I can change the properties of ActiveX at<BR>design time as well as run time.<BR><BR>But the problem comes with Netscape. I have NetScape 4.5.<BR>Whenever I change property of an ActiveX. The netscape gives<BR>JavaScript error like:<BR><BR>&#039Abc&#039 is not defined<BR><BR>where &#039Abc&#039 is my activex control name.<BR><BR>Can U please help to overcome this problem<BR><BR>Note: I have ActiveX Scripting Plug-in Installed which <BR>is provided by<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR><BR>Shreekant<BR>

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    alexT Guest

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    Netscape doesn&#039t support activeX - but ncompasslabs of vancouver<BR>Canada have a plug in called ScriptActive that allows any activeX doc or control to work in Netscape - they charge for it<BR>around $100US i believe.<BR>

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    Egbert Nierop Guest

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    nope; they charge $10 dollar for each copy.

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