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    Hi all...I know this is probably the most basic of basic questions, but I&#039m extremely new to ASP (but not programming) and this crossed my mind: can I include ASP pages on a site whose pages are just HTML? The reason for this is that I&#039m working on a project, and the HTML pages are being written by someone else (who doesn&#039t know any ASP)...it&#039s up to me to take care of the rest, the rest of which, it has been decided, must be ASP.<BR>Thanks so much for any answers! :)<BR>Best regards,<BR>CMK

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    Yup, sure, no problem (assuming your server is ASP capable). Just make sure that any directories containing ASP scripts have script execute access enabled.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Thanks for the quick response, Duncan! I&#039ll get there in the end :)

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