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    any reson why the strSendTo variable is not being populated in the following code?<BR><BR> elseif Monitor ="1" AND InStr( "219,317,765,812,413,508,617,781,978,207,231,248,2 78,313,517,586,616,679,734,810,906,947,989,603,315 ,516,518,607,631,716,914,216,234,330,419,440,513,6 14,740,937,802,262,414,608,715,920", areacode) &#062; 0 Then<BR> strSendTo = strRecipListA<BR> myMail.To = strRecipListA<BR> myMail.Subject = "Monitor Selected Group A"<BR> elseif Monitor ="1" AND InStr( "203,475,860,959,201,609,732,856,908,973,212,347,6 46,718,917,215,267,412,484,570,610,717,724,814,878 ,401", areacode) &#062; 0 Then<BR> strSendTo = strRecipListB<BR> myMail.To = strRecipListB<BR> myMail.Subject = "Monitor Selected Group B"

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    Check if the execution is going into one of ur elseif statements by doing response.write....<BR>If it is going, then check for the value of areacode and response.write the value of strsendto.<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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    Is it possible that areacode contains spaces? You could try using the Trim function to make sure there are no spaces on either side of the area code.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>...<BR>If InStr(sListOfAreaCodes,Trim(areacode)) ...<BR>...<BR>%&#062;

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    Thank you for the reply.<BR>I limited the maximum amount of characters to the area code field a 3. <BR><BR>It would be a good Idea to try and response.write the string though.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Daniel

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