Please Help with move from Access to SQL Server

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Thread: Please Help with move from Access to SQL Server

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    If anyone could help. This is the 2ed time I have posted with no response. And guess what Microsoft was no help. Ha<BR>So thankyou before you even start.<BR><BR>I am running Access2000 and IIS4 and I want to change to SQL but I don&#039t know what I need to do. What do I need to change on my ASP pages. Does the connection change. If so what does the new one look like. Can I use both Access databases and SQL?<BR>A step by step guide will help. <BR><BR>Thanks alot

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    Exaclty how much work is involved depends on the exact details of your database and ASP script.<BR><BR>The first thing to do is transfer the database from Access to SQL Server - since you&#039re using Access 2000 you should be able to run the &#039Database Upsizing Wizard&#039 and it should take care of the details for you.<BR><BR>Next, you will need to change you ASP pages to use this new database. If you connect using a DSN, then you just need to update the DSN. If you use a DSN-less connection you will need to change you connection strings.<BR><BR>Depending on exactly what you do with the data, you may need to watch out for any data format problems - for example Access lets you quote dates as #mm/dd/yy#, but I&#039m pretty sure that SQL Server doesn&#039t like that syntax. Basically test all your scripts for any unexpected errors.<BR><BR>Once you&#039ve done all that then your application should work, but there are still a lot of things you can do to improve its performance once you&#039re using SQL Server, like pushing logic down into stored procedures and using triggers to maintain referential integrity, but how far you want to take that depends on the details of your application.<BR><BR>Hopefully you shouldn&#039t find the process too painful.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Dunc

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