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    Sundar Rajan Guest

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    In one of my pages I have a &#039href&#039 link (blue). When the page has been visited this colour normally changes (maroon) but I have noticed that the colour does not change if the argument I am passing with the page contains a space.<BR>i.e.<BR>href="Template_levels.asp?ASWTDE SC=&#060;%=trim(rs("ASWTDESC"))%&#062;&ASWTHID=&#0 60;%=rs("ASWTHID")%&#062;"<BR><BR>If ASWTDESC contains a space the link does not change colour.<BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Sundar

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    jason Guest

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    try putting <BR><BR>response.expires=-1500 <BR><BR>at the beginning of your pages<BR><BR>

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    Try it out by adding Vlink in the TD tag.<BR>or<BR>Put it in cotes.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR>

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