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    Jitender Bahri Guest

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    I need to make a search Engine on my ASP Page. Is there any componenet which can do this. I need it urgently.

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    Rahul Padgaonkar Guest

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    You can use Index Server for creating a S.E. on your website. Yu can also index your pages and make different catalogs for each page and then yu query the index server component for searching a specific page. You can use the Index server object as shown.<BR>for eg:<BR>Set objQuery = Server.CreateObject("ixsso.Query")<BR><BR>You can also limit the no. of results coming per page. If you face any difficulty contact me.<BR><BR>

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    Joe Dumas Guest

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    Rahul,<BR>Where do you set the limit to no. of results per page? I am getting<BR>CreateRecordset error &#039 8004181f&#039 <BR>Service is too busy. <BR>after 100 records are queried. This limit is regardless of the number of actual &#039hits&#039 returned.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Joe<BR>

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