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    How can you write an excel file in asp

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    There are three ways to create excel data from ASP (well, probably more ways, but these might get you started).<BR><BR>(1) You connect to the Excel engine via ActiveX and automation. That is, you do Server.CreateObject("..."). I don&#039t even know what the write "object name" is for Excel, but you can find it in your registry easily enough. Then you go get a reference manual for Excel and learn how to "script" it and write data and and and....<BR><BR>This is a tough way to go. A lot of learning involved. A lot of places to make mistakes. But it will produce the best results.<BR><BR>(2) You connect to an *existing* Excel spreadsheet via an ODBC connection and ADODB.Connection. I know you can read a sheet&#039s contents in this way. I&#039ve never tried writing (adding) to an existing sheet, but if you can, then this is pretty easy.<BR><BR>(3) You simply create a text file in the ".csv" (Comma Separated Values) format. Then, later, you import the .csv data into a spreadsheet. This is by far the simplest scheme, but it means you have to do an extra (manual or semi-manual) step to import the .csv data.<BR><BR>********<BR><BR>So now you get to decide how much you want to work? And to learn.<BR><BR>

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