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    Shailaza Guest

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    Hi..<BR><BR>I found couple of yours ASP articles in the web. It helped me alot to learn many things. I am currently developing my web based call centre application. In this we need to talk to third party application which is running in the same machine where our call centre browser based asp pages. The actual task for my asp pages are talking to the another application using some techniques. Well..the third part application was written windows based 32 bit application and which supports DDE.<BR><BR> can I perform this client based task. Could you please through some light. <BR><BR>Thanks for your time.<BR>Cheers<BR>Shailaza<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    Is the app COM-capable? if it is, it&#039ll have a means of calling its various methods and processes from ASP. Sift through the docs for it and see if it is...<BR><BR>jason

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