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    W. de Roos Guest

    Default validate creditcards

    Hi,<BR><BR>Can someone help me on a script thats validate creditcards<BR>in a asp page.<BR><BR>With best regards<BR>W. de Roos<BR>

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    1 CC VERIFIER...<BR><BR>&#060;Script runat=server language=vbscript&#062;<BR>function mod10(cardNo)<BR>lCard=len(cardNo)<BR>lC=right(car dNo,1)<BR>cStat=0<BR>for i=(lCard-1) to 1 step -1<BR>tempChar= mid(cardNo,i,1)<BR>d=cint(tempChar)<BR>if lcard mod 2 = 1 then<BR>temp=d*(1+((i+1) mod 2))<BR>else<BR>temp=d*(1+(i mod 2))<BR>end if<BR>if temp &#060; 10 then<BR>cStat = cStat + temp <BR>else<BR>cStat = cStat + temp - 9<BR>end if<BR>next<BR>cStat = (10-(cStat mod 10)) mod 10<BR>if cint(lC) = cStat then<BR>mod10 = true<BR>end if<BR>end function<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>REGARDS,<BR><BR>JAMES.ANDREWS@ BLUECHIP.UK.COM

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    Wim de Roos Guest

    Default RE: validate creditcards

    Hoi James,<BR><BR>Great and many thanks for your quick respons.<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>Wim

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default enough funds ????

    very nice and tight. I&#039ve seen a few cc scripts around.<BR>Are there any restrictions with this script in terms of cards that it can not handle ?<BR><BR>Q: What about verification that the card has enough funds to clear?<BR><BR>(I haven&#039t done any credit card stuff personally yet, which I guess makes me a newbie!)

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    al dawg Guest

    Default RE: enough funds ????

    This is a momentous occasion folks...fl1rt calling himself a newbie! Everyone flame him...j/k<BR><BR>btw dude, love your posts. not only completely informative, they are also as funny as possible.

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: enough funds ????

    I&#039ve been had! an impersonator! not<BR><BR>informative and funny ?<BR>one tries one&#039s best<BR><BR>I&#039ve actually not read up on credit cards at all (although I should have by now - which makes me a lazy (_&#124_) in this area) but always left it to someone else. I think it&#039s an integral part of any commercial website but why do so many charge companies cater for U.S only ???? hello???<BR><BR>I&#039ll take a scour round the net later this week, to see what I can find on validating expiry dates but I have a feeling this is an expensive merchant account solution.<BR><BR>For complete secure credit card processing...<BR>send your card no., expiry date and full name written on the card and I&#039ll verify it for you personally ;)<BR><BR>note: LAMERS - don&#039t send or post your details!

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