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    harish Guest

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    if I type a number 123456789 it should print twelve crore thirty four lakhs fifty six thousand seven hundered eighty nine.<BR>Can anybody help me over this.(any code either javascript or ASP)<BR>Thanks

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    Regulator Guest

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    Speak English boy!

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    grr Guest

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    What do you think he is speaking regulator?<BR><BR>It would help if you were polite. This web site is not just restricted to Americans ...mister. If you cant help...don&#039t bother.<BR><BR>And in case you donot know what the numeric system he was talking about, revisit kndergarten math and figure!!

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    chunti Guest

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    I would just write some code to calculate the numer of digits and based on that display the right value like crores associated with a numeric value

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