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    Default Want to know benefits of ASP

    I want to know Potential advantages of ASP as compared to other web tecnologies.

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    Advantages of ASP over (for example) Perl...<BR><BR>Better performance and less resource hungry (only one instance of the asp engine need run, regardless of the amount of people accessing your script - Perl must run a new instance of perl.exe for every instance of your .pl script running OUCH!).<BR><BR>Seamless integration with SQL and Access databases, support for ODBC, you can build your pages around your script or build your pages with your script.<BR><BR>At the end of the day, you have to remember that it is a Microsoft Technology, and therefore is very popular and is going to have a lot more money and attention put into it than any other.<BR><BR>VBSCRIPT is a sinch to pick up and just look around you at how helpful people are in assisting you.<BR><BR>The bottom line is, If you have to produce a solution it will probably be easier to go and download one already made in perl (the internet&#039s resources for Perl are neverending), but if you want to make it yourself, it will be a hell of a lot easier to do it with ASP.<BR><BR>Hope this has been of some use to you.<BR><BR>James Andrews

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