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    TJ Sylvester Guest

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    Scorecard USA, Inc. is an Internet Application Service Provider (ASP) the delivers personal scorecard solutions. Scorecards allow people to keep track of what is important to their life, all on the Internet. <BR><BR>We help people manage their active life, supporting: sports, fitness, health, diet, medical, education, childcare, etc.<BR><BR>We need high-energy, great-idea people who are prepared to join us on the ground floor of building the next breakthrough technology company in Florida (this means generous stock options). <BR><BR>“I guarantee you that this software project is the one you will always look back on as one of the greatest achievements in your professional career. Here is your shot at fame and glory.” Karl Seiler - President and CEO

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    Ronnie Getz Guest

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    Hey TJ. Just ran across your posting and wanted to say hello. I hope things are going good. Ronnie

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    TJ Sylvester Guest

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    Everything is going real well. How are things on your side?

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    Things are good. Moved back to Melbourne, bought a is good. Thinking of doing my own gig. Hows the "wife"...?

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