ASP page opens in Visual Interdev? Why?

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Thread: ASP page opens in Visual Interdev? Why?

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    Default ASP page opens in Visual Interdev? Why?

    I wrote an ASP page for calendar and have Windows 98 with Personal Web Server installed and running, but when I want to test the ASP in my Browser, it opens up in Visual InterDev.<BR>How can I open it in my browser without it oppening in Visual InterDev. I am new to ASP, so maybeI&#039m doing something very simeple wrong.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>Johann

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    Default RE: ASP page opens in Visual Interdev? Why?

    Hi Johann,<BR><BR>You must remember that ASP files are handled by a web server, namely PWS for you. Your problem is that *.asp files are not associated with any programs on your computer by default, unlike *.htm files, which are automatically opened with Internet Explorer. THis may not seem to make sense at first but on further thought, it makes perfect sense because the .asp file needs to be processed by a web server before being displayed in a browser. The solution: open up the asp file in your web browser. You must not use "file://c:/blah.asp"... you must have the asp file actually served by PWS, so the address should be something like "http://localhost/test/blah.asp". I hope this helps.<BR><BR>Chi Shen

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