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Thread: DictionaryObject versus COM componenet for state

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    JohnnyBoy Guest

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    I was reading the How to build an E-Commerce site in the latest VBPJ and was suprised that the author didn&#039t reference the Dictionary Object as a way to maintain state, he mentioned cookies and (his preference) a COM object. Seems to me that while you can definitely code flexibility into a COM object the overhead would be more than insantiating the Dictionary object at the session level and using it to hold your shopping-cart info. Of course you&#039d being doing string manipulations up the wazoo, but the split function is a god send for this. Any thoughts as to why one might be better? Performance? I just feel this need to know since I want to do the best for my clients and not just develope something in a cool, complicated way for my geeky fullfilment.<BR><BR>Johnny

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    Eric Beaudry Guest

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    The idea is scalability. In the way you build the application the request must all be responded by the same server. If you build a solution with well designed COM you can distribute your load on many server when the needs comes.<BR><BR>So if your application is too be use by thousands of users, you probably want to choose a COM approche. Else you can use the dictionnary. <BR><BR>This is a short analysis of the situation so don&#039t blame me if I&#039m wrong in your case. I&#039m only giving you what I&#039ve found with my last site building.<BR><BR><BR>Eric

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