I wrote a quick asp script to allow people at my company yo add links of interest to the QA web site. This works great! I just take input from a form and plug it into a text file while adding the correct html tags and whatnot.... but..<BR><BR>of course, I realized that people would need to be able to delete links that no longer worked, etc. <BR><BR>I wrote another script that does exactly this:<BR><BR>I designed the portion of the page that displays the links as a form (with check boxes) so that people can check off the link they want to delete and click the delete button.<BR><BR>The logic behind it is simple (not using any databases). Basically all I do is scan through the form items using request.form and if the checkbox is "on, " then I skip three lines (that&#039s how the links are set up in the include file, one line is the form chackbox, one hidden passing the form status (otherwise it doesn&#039t get passed at all), and finally the link.<BR><BR>If the checkbox is not checked, the three lines get written to a new file. The old file is backed up, then the new one overwrites the old one.<BR><BR>Now, it works perfectly except for one thing!<BR><BR>Right after I erase the first item, these two characters are displayed in front of the first remaining item:<BR><BR>ÿþ<BR><BR>They don&#039t show up in the actual text file until you add a new link, but they totally screw up any further erasing.<BR><BR>what am I doing wrong?<BR><BR>This is the basic logic behind the whole thing:<BR><BR>for each item in Request.Form<BR> <BR> item_value=Request.Form(item)<BR> <BR> if (item &#060;&#062; "delete.x" and item &#060;&#062; "delete.y") then<BR> <BR> if (item_value = "on, ") then<BR> for x = 1 to 3<BR> tf1.skipline<BR> next<BR> else<BR> for x = 1 to 3<BR> tf2.write tf1.readline & vbcrlf<BR> next<BR> end if<BR> <BR> end if<BR> <BR>next<BR><BR>Thanks for any help, and please don&#039t flame me for not using a database as I&#039m not that experienced with all of this yet (only been doing it for about a week).