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    Agent_Cooper Guest

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    Hello All,<BR><BR>I want to password protect the database. I know I can do this on my own, but<BR>I want to know if I can make it work in levels like Admin, View, or Regular<BR>User. The level of the password determines what part(s) of the database they<BR>see, and also what they can do.<BR><BR>I want people to just start off, based on their password level, at their own<BR>data entry page. Then they fill out the forms, and then they can view the<BR>entire database, but only modify just the table that pertains to them.<BR><BR>If anyone out there knows where I should start with this, let me know<BR>PLEASE.<BR><BR>

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    JohnnyBoy Guest

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    What type of database? Sounds like you have some architecture and functional requirements issues. This is a tough question to answer because it really depends on your database design and ultimate objectives. I have implemented similar solutions by mantaining user information (access rights) that we defined in a table and using this data to restrict access to pages/functionality.<BR><BR>Good luck

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    Agent_Cooper Guest

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    Sorry... Access 97 DB. Right now it is a simple database, and we have many edit/delete/addnew functions built in using GenericDB scripting. But the Protection is the last thing I need to peg down. I found a program, but it is like $300!! I would rather figure it out on my own ;-)<BR><BR>Agent_Cooper

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    Marshall Harrison Guest

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    We had similiar requirements so we created our own security database. Each ASP page has a call to a function like AmIAllowed("access"). If the user is logged in and has the correct rights then the function returns True and the page continues. If the user doesn&#039t have rights then the function redirects to a menu page. If the user isn&#039t logged in then the it redirects to a login page and then back to the original page. We have it set up so that users are in groups and access to ASP pages can be assigned to certain groups. We also have it set so that a user can have exceptions that allow&#039s him to see things his group can&#039t or remove priviledges for a particular user. This also allows us to control functionality within a page. For example the user can see everything but revenue on the page. A lot of thought went into our security system and designing somthing like this can be quite a task. $300 sounds like a good deal to me.

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