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    Does anyone have an idea on how I can dynamically create a "tree" of checkboxs? I have a project where a company has zones, markets and stores. Eash zone can have multiple markets and each market can have multiple stores. These are all stored in SQL database tables. Right now I simply make a list which they can individually select each store. What they would like to do is be able to select either a market and automatically select all of the stores underneath it or select a zone and automatically select all markets/stores underneath it (also allowing a deselction). <BR><BR>What I want to do is create something like a collapsible tree where they can expand/collapse each level (zone/market) and select items at the store/market/zone level. Have I been working too hard and gone mad or is something like this possible? I&#039ve looked all over but haven&#039t found any examples of this being done anywhere to date.<BR><BR>Any suggestions or soothing words to give it up would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Bob.

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    Go look at some of the numerable "Tree" controls that are out there (esp. those written in JavaScript!) and you should be able to adapt them to your needs.<BR><BR>Caution: Changing the appearance on the screen can be tough in JS if you want to be cross-platform compliant. The easiest way is to put the "tree" into a separate frame and then just re-write the frame contents each time you want to make a change.<BR><BR>

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