Has anyone ran across not being able to return multilple resultsets from a SQL 7 stored procedure? I can run the procedure and when it comes back to me, nothing is in the resultset. I know the procedure works because I can execute it from other programs and it works fine.<BR><BR>Here is the ASP code:<BR> Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> set oCmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR> <BR> sconnect = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=XXXX;Initial Catalog=XXXX;User ID=sa;Password="<BR> conn.open sconnect<BR> <BR> set oCmd.ActiveConnection = Conn<BR> ocmd.CommandText = "UP_CHART_IXMR"<BR> oCmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc<BR> oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("@Part_int", adDouble, adParamInput,,oPtgp)<BR> oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("@Prcs_int", adDouble, adParamInput,,oPrcs)<BR> oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("@Test_int", adDouble, adParamInput,,oTest)<BR> oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("@Beg_int", adDouble, adParamInput,,nstartDate)<BR> oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("@End_int", adDouble, adParamInput,,nEndDate)<BR> <BR> set rsData = ocmd.Execute<BR> <BR> Response.Write " BOF = " & rsData.BOF<BR> Response.Write " EOF = " & rsData.EOF<BR> do While Not rsdata Is Nothing<BR><BR> ColCnt = Rsdata.Fields.Count<BR> Response.Write "The Recordset State is " & Rsdata.State<BR> Response.Write "Column Count is: " & ColCnt <BR> If (Not rsdata.EOF) Then<BR> Response.Write rsdata("Shift")<BR> End If<BR> Response.Write " State: = " & rsdata.State<BR> set rsdat = rsdata.NextRecordset<BR> Response.Write " State: = " & rsdata.State<BR> loop<BR><BR><BR>Procedure:<BR>CREATE PROC UP_CHART_IXMR<BR>(@PART_INT INT,<BR> @PRCS_INT INT,<BR> @TEST_INT INT,<BR> @BEGDATE INT,<BR> @ENDDATE INT)<BR> <BR> AS<BR> <BR> <BR>/*GET THE SHIFT GROUP NUMBER FOR USE LATER WITH DESCRIPTOR INFORMATION*/<BR>DECLARE @SHIFT_GRP VARCHAR(32)<BR><BR>SET NOCOUNT ON <BR><BR>SELECT @SHIFT_GRP = (SELECT F_DSGP FROM DESC_GRP WHERE F_NAME = "Shift")<BR><BR>/*RETURN SUBGROUP INFO FOR THE PART, PROCESS, AND DATE RANGE SUPPLIED BY PARAMETERS*/<BR>SELECT F_SGRP,<BR> F_PART,<BR> F_PRCS,<BR> F_SGTM,<BR> F_SGSZ,<BR> F_FLAG<BR> INTO #SGRP_INF<BR> FROM SGRP_INF<BR> WHERE F_SGTM BETWEEN @BEGDATE AND @ENDDATE<BR> AND F_FLAG &#060;&#062; 1<BR> AND F_PART = @PART_INT<BR> AND F_PRCS = @PRCS_INT<BR> <BR> /*GET SHIFT DESCRIPTOR INFO*/<BR> SELECT SD.F_SGRP,<BR> SD.F_DSGP,<BR> SD.F_DESC,<BR> DD.F_NAME<BR> INTO #SGRP_DSC<BR> FROM SGRP_DSC SD, #SGRP_INF SI, DESC_DAT DD<BR> WHERE SD.F_SGRP = SI.F_SGRP<BR> AND SD.F_DSGP = @SHIFT_GRP<BR> AND DD.F_DSGP = SD.F_DSGP<BR> AND SD.F_DESC = DD.F_DESC<BR> <BR> /*GET TEST VALUES FOR EACH ITEM*/<BR> SELECT ST.F_SGRP,<BR> ST.F_VAL<BR> INTO #SGRP_TST<BR> FROM SGRP_TST ST, #SGRP_INF SI<BR> WHERE ST.F_SGRP = SI.F_SGRP<BR> AND ST.F_TEST = @TEST_INT<BR> <BR> /*COMBINE INTO A SINGLE TABLE AND CONVERT THE DATE INT INTO A VALID DATE*/<BR> SELECT SI.F_SGRP,<BR> DATEADD(ss, SI.F_SGTM, "1/1/1970") SGRP_DATE,<BR> SI.F_SGSZ,<BR> SD.F_DESC,<BR> SD.F_NAME,<BR> ST.F_VAL<BR> INTO #FINAL_RESULTS<BR> FROM #SGRP_INF SI, #SGRP_DSC SD, #SGRP_TST ST<BR> WHERE SI.F_SGRP = SD.F_SGRP<BR> AND SD.F_SGRP = ST.F_SGRP<BR> <BR>SELECT SGRP_DATE SGRP_DATE,<BR> F_NAME SHIFT,<BR> F_VAL IX_VAL<BR> FROM #FINAL_RESULTS<BR> ORDER BY SGRP_DATE, SHIFT<BR> <BR> RETURN