I have a relatively simple question about a solution that I saw posted on this website. It is a solution for handling session variables on the server side by storing info in a database. The question I have is about the following stored procedure:<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE NEWSESSION<BR> @USRIPADDR VARCHAR(50)<BR>AS<BR> DECLARE @SESSIONID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER<BR> SET @SESSIONID = NEWID()<BR> DECLARE @DT DATETIME<BR> SET @DT = GETDATE()<BR> INSERT INTO SESSIONS <BR> (SESSIONID, TIME_STAMP, SESSIONIPADDR)<BR> VALUES<BR> (@SESSIONID, @DT, @USRIPADDR)<BR> SELECT SESSIONID FROM SESSIONS WHERE SESSIONID = @SESSIONID<BR><BR>The question has to do with the last line of code. The block of code does an insert into the table "sessions", but what does the SELECT statement do? I have tested the code both with and without this statement, and the results are the same! I don&#039t think this code is necessary, but maybe I&#039m missing something(?)<BR><BR>