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    I am running Access2000 and IIS4 and I have SQL but I don&#039t know what I need to do. What do I need to change on my ASP pages. Does the connection change. If so what does the new one look like. Can I use both Access databases and SQL? How do I turn a SQL database into a SQL database? A step by step guide will help. <BR>Thanks alot

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    It would take wayyyyyy to long to explain the whole thing in detail, but suffice to say it is reasonably easy. Here&#039s some hints - you&#039ll have to do the research yourself:<BR><BR>1) you need to create the database in SQL server, and make sure that the data types you choose are compatible with those in the Access database eg: Access&#039 "Yes/No" data type corresponds to "bit" data type in SQL server, "Auto" = "Identity" etc.<BR><BR>2) The connection string does need to change. How it looks depends on the access method you use, OLEDB-SQL or OLEDB-ODBC-SQL. there is lots of documentation online for this. try fourguys and microsoft sites.<BR><BR>3) If you use Access Queries then you will need to implement these as views or stored procedures in SQL.<BR><BR>4) If you use date literals in queries (eg: WHERE datecol = #1-1-2000#) then you will need to change the delimiters from # to &#039 for SQL Server.<BR><BR>5) If you have used any wierd Access features like Pivot Table queries and such, you may need to rewrite them for SQL. <BR><BR>that should get you most of the way there :-) The good news is that most of your ASP code will remain unchanged.<BR><BR>hth

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