I am currently migrating my sites from NT4/IIS4 to an intranet using Win2000 Server as a dev environment which will mirror the internet site which will still be NT4.<BR><BR>Anyone out there using UK English regional settings and Win2000?<BR>Please try Response.Write FormatDateTime(Date(),1) and tell me what you get.<BR><BR>Problem: FormatDateTime(&#060;DATE&#062;, 1) i.e. long format (according to locale settings). <BR><BR>I have checked regional settings, even played around with US locale, rebooted etc. but to no avail - I always get<BR>output as dddd, MMMMM dd, yyyy when I want dd MMMM yyyy.<BR>NT4 gives: June 13, 2000<BR>Win2000 gives: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 (SQL Server NOT happy)<BR><BR>I use this A LOT as it always returns an unambiguous date - good for SQL i.e. &#039WHERE DATE &#062;= &#039 etc. as US date format required for db.<BR><BR>